A critique of at least 800 words is due at the end of the prose fiction performance round. Include a word-count! You are expected to focus on two representative performances, but are free to make references to any performance you saw during the round. It is expected that you use terms from the text and classroom discussions concerning prose fiction with full understanding; review chapter 6. Support and illustrate your opinions with specific examples from the performances. This assignment is worth a maximum of 30 points (any paper submitted after the end of that class session will lose 10 points per week). The paper should be written in standard, academic prose. Remember, these writings substitute for a final exam; it is expected that course-specific terms are used in all papers to demonstrate your mastery of course topics. I will be looking for such specificity--that will earn you points. Be opinionated but back opinions up. I won't be grading opinions but rather how you support them.

Choose a representative performance that you felt fully realized the goals of performance of prose fiction and one that did not. Compare and contrast the performances according to the terms in chapter 6 and classroom discussions. What made one performance more effective than the other? Remember, you shouldn't choose on the basis of stories you liked or disliked, rather on the effectiveness of performance to illuminate and communicate the text.

Here are some areas you may consider (do not limit your discussion to the following; these are provided only to provoke ideas).