It is important to attend class because missed days will indeed affect your grade.

Don't procrastinate the readings - some of them are very long and detailed oriented.

When it comes to Drama Duos, make sure you find a partner in advanced because there can be issues that may arise such as not having a partner.

Outline the chapters when you’re doing the reading to prepare for the quizzes.

Find your selection in advance do not put it on hold until the night before.

When you find selections that really mean something to you, it makes it 100x better to perform.

Putting time into practice for your performance is really critical because the majority of your grade will depend on how well you did performing.

Take advantage of the speech wizards, they will seriously help you improve your performance and also your intent papers.

Take the time to reread your selection multiple times, confidence in performing comes from preparation. Have fun with it.

Commit. If you're going to interpret a scene where one of your characters are angry BE ANGRY. If you're doing a selection where the persona of the author is sad...BE SAD and same with every other emotion. When you really throw all what you have into a piece, it makes it enjoyable not only for the audience but for yourself.

Make sure to know your classmates it makes you feel comfortable during performance.

Always talk to Floss if you have any questions--he always helps.

Take what Floss talks about into consideration, he literally tells you how to get an A.

Time is a big factor in this class putting in time into a performance only shows when you perform.

Don't be afraid to put yourself out there; leave the shyness and the nerves.

Feel confident and you will be confident in your performance

Actually get up and physically practice your performances.

Don't be afraid to go all out. You're supposed to have fun with this, so explore your piece as fully as possible and add your style to it.

By the end of the semester you're going to put yourself into your selections, Start early.

You'll be nervous, everyone always is but don't stop when you mess up just keep me nobody will notice if you just keep talking.

Exaggerate your voice and your body movements along with the words.

Take the course timeline SERIOUSLY! Procrastinating will lead to a rushed delivery and no time to improve.

The course material builds on itself so learn each genre as it is laid out in the syllabus.

Utilize the Wizards (tutors) in the Squad Room! They have already experienced what you are feeling and are familiar with the process.

Practicing is the best way to work out your performances and fine-tune the delivery and your written analysis.

If something doesn't work, be daring! Explore another approach (or attitude) even if it feels like it is the direct opposite. Your mind will help you out by popping up with a new/different idea.

Breathe, breathe… breathe! Fresh oxygen is great for the brain (and your well-being).

Plan ahead of what type of selection you will be performing in this class at the beginning of the semester.

It will be beneficial as well when it comes to the readings, you will be able to incorporate the material you read to your future performance if it's either prose, poetry, drama or your final.

Take notes when Floss speaks about each chapter because it will help you grasp the material.

Do not be afraid to ask any question, I advise you to freely ask any questions because he will give you a solid response.

Make sure you attend every class session and make sure you are on time. Every minute lost means either you missing a performance or you will miss quiz questions which do add up.

And the last thing I will advise you to do is to have fun! This class will get you out of your comfort zone and help you with public speaking!

Do not be afraid to perform, remember that everyone else in the classroom is doing exactly what you are doing.