With this reading, you will employ the techniques explored through the snippets to bring poems to life: responding to its imagery vocally and using body language and staging to augment and make its meaning immediate. The intended audience for multiple subject majors is K - 8 students and the audience for single subject majors is Junior High or High School students. Your reading (including the introduction should be no less than three minutes and no longer than five.

Multiple subject majors will perform two poems; one for a K - 3 audience and one for a 4 - 6 audience. For single subject majors, one poem is preferred, but a suite of shorter, thematically linked poems may be selected. Above all, choose poems you like and want to share with an audience. Make sure your selections have a high degree of imagery (sensory, literary and/or tone color) that can be vocalized, physicalized or characterized. Be sure they are appropriate for the intended grades. Reading poems that move you will help you place the emphasis on the literature and the audience rather than on yourself. Stretch your audience; being condescending is much worse than being too sophisticated.

Aim to keep your readings and introduction to within a 3 to 5 minute time limit. Add an additional selection if your reading times under three minutes. Time your reading carefully before performing it in class. Your brief introduction should make us receptive to listen to your reading but should never explain or condense it. Try to connect the experience of the literature to your own experience or to the experience of the audience. A good introduction interfaces the literature to the audience. You may introduce multiple poems at once as a suite (especially if they are linked thematically) or you should compose a different introduction for each poem.

Rehearse your selection for at least one listener so that you can experiment with audience contact and visualization of the imagery. Become familiar enough with your piece to be able to keep your eyes off the page at least 75% of the time.

Provide me with a copy of your poems with major imagery identified. Describe (1) what type of imagery it is: sensory, literary or tone color, (2) the intended effects of the imagery upon the audience and (3) how you intend to evoke it vocally and physically in your performance. You should do this diagrammed on a copy of the poem. In a concise paragraph, state the purpose of the poem: to delight, instruct, evoke emotions, generate ideas and/or establish a mood, etc. and your overall reason for selection and your general emphasis in performance.

You will be assigned a randomly selected day for your performance that will be posted well in advance. You must be prepared to perform on that day. You may trade days with a classmate, provided you both initial the posted schedule. If you do not perform on your assigned day, the highest grade achievable will be a "B." Only substantiated medical excuses will obviate this rule.

You will receive a grade for the reading that is 20% of your semester grade. It will be based on your selection appropriateness, your physical and vocal responsiveness to them, and your imagery treasure hunt. Preview my grading categories on the Evaluation Form. You may make an appointment to reread your selections to improve your grade (in class if time permits, or by appointment).