In-Class Audience Analysis

Situational and Demographic

On an upcoming day, you will conduct a thorough audience analysis for your upcoming persuasive speech. On that day, you will need to have the proper number of copies of your analysis to distribute to each classmate, and one additional copy to give to the instructor.


Remember, you should ask the kinds of questions that allow you to tailor your persuasion to your audience. It is especially important to find out their worries, concerns and negative dispositions towards your topic. This will allow you to narrow your research to find supporting materials to ally those concerns.

A few other considerations:


Fixed-alternative questions are easily answered and can give you quick demographics (if particular demographics are important to your topic).

Use true scale questions to get to the strength of your audience's feelings.

     How strongly to you agree that....?

     Strongly    Disagree     Neutral         Agree   Strongly

     Disagree                                            Agree


By the way, this is not a scale question:

How many times have you.....?

___1  ____5   ____7  ____10


It is a Fixed-alternative disguised as a scale question, with four fixed-alternatives. A scale question always includes a scale:

How many times have you.....?

1        5       10       15      20