HIGH SCHOOL ADVICE from HSU Freshmen (class of 2016)

Public Speaking classes of James Floss

To incoming freshmen, 2017


Highlighted blue: SHOWING UP

Highlighted green: INDEPENDENCE

Highlighted yellow: TIME MANAGEMENT

Highlighted purple: HARD WORK





Pro: No one tells you what to do

Con: No one tells you what to do.

-Maximo Antezena


My advice is to embrace new ideas and to experience all you can. Each day is an opportunity to create new memories.                      

-Connor M. Evans


In college, there is a newfound independence that can be hard to balance out with school

-Nina Egbert 


You are not in that small little bubble that you were in high school. You meet new people with completely different backgrounds than you. It's hard at first especially moving far away from home but you will meet people and make friends that feel like family. Don't be afraid to ask for help.  

-Vanessa Suarez           


When it comes to doing your assignments you can't procrastinate; you have to plan ahead make good academic decisions that will benefit you. Last minute doesn't cut it.

-Leah N. Prescott


The workload when you first get to college is harder than high school. There, teachers kept track of the work you were doing and catch you up if you missed an assignment. Whereas in college it is your responsibility see the teacher to ask to make up a late day or catch up on a late assignment.

-Bex Egan


In high school teachers reach out to you when you aren't trying hard. In college you are responsible for your own mistakes. Seeking out help from teachers is something you need to do to succeed. Another huge thing is time management, just because you don't have a paper due until next month doesn't mean you don't have to think about it now, you have to research and take into account the many assignments from other classes that get in the way. It's going to feel like a constant avalanche of work, but if you keep on top of it and utilize free time on weekends and between classes it won't seem unmanageable.

-Sjell M-S


I have to be my own personal motivator. In high school, teachers and parents made sure I stayed on top of my work. Teachers would remind me of homework, and parents made sure I spent evenings with school books in hand rather than in front of the TV for hours. Humboldt is awesome and I feel like my professors are invested in my success, they don't hold my hand. Additionally, although my parents check in, they aren't there when I get back to my dorm room to keep me from falling down the Netflix rabbit hole. Where high school is mandatory, college is a choice. In some ways that's terrifying, but in others it's empowering. To motivate myself, I often tell myself, "you are here for yourself, you are here to learn. You are not here because you have to be, you are here because you want to be". In high school, most of the time I showed up to class mainly because I legally had to.  But now I find myself showing up because I actually want to. I tell myself that I am actually paying for class, and each time I skip class I'm wasting money.

-Madison Haven


The big change for me was my worth ethic. You are EXPECTED to do the work while not expected to show up to class, nor participate. However; you are REQUIRED to do the work. So, show up to class and participate if you want to pass your classes. College is more about what you can do for yourself in any way possible to succeed. No one is going to fail you but yourself. No one is going to make you go to class but you. Finally, no one is going to care if you succeed, -Tristen R. Hallam


I advise you to attend class, complete your homework, and keep up with the readings. The transition from high school to college is also a change of pace. In high school teachers are more lenient about deadlines and more relaxed. Adjust to the quick pace of college as soon as possible, and don't forget to study.

-Brian Allen


The difference in academic rigor between high school and college is the amount of time you need to put into your assignments. Even though you have more time on your hands you good time management. Also citing is a big part of your college courses so it is good to learn that while still in high school.

-Celine T. Aguilera


College expects more from you academically than high school. When writing an essay in high school, you turn in a rough draft and receive feedback, but in college you turn in the final draft. High school was like a stepping stone in our life from which we gained knowledge and techniques for what would be asked of us in college. 

-Bente Jansen 


One big change when I got to college was the importance to get to know your professors. Building a relationship is very important and they will help you strive to do your best

-Tyler M. Green


Don't get so worked up every time you make a mistake. College is incredibly difficult and the fact that we are here and trying to do this is enough, I urge everyone to give themselves a break and to keep trying their best because that is all that can be done.

-Dylan C. Esparza


Hello, class of 2017! Your education is coming out of your own pocket now so always attend class! Some of you probably hate when your parents nag about being clean...well now that you're going to college you're going to want to thank them. Living with new people could be a hassle, especially when they're sloppy. Also, try to take care of your health! Don't overwhelm yourself but always stay on top of things and enjoy college. It's a great time to discover who you are and meet new people. And one last thing...GO TO CLASS!

-Kassandra Rice


Go to your professor-s office hours because they will help you out, and they will help you better grasp the information.

-Breanna N. Cotton


I attended a college prep high school where I took some classes at a local junior college, and I sort of had an idea of what college classes were going to be like. The regular high school classes were much different than the college classes. Most college classes require you to put a lot of study time in to understand the material. A lot of the classes are more difficult than high school classes as well. Even with these challenges, college is doable for anyone; put your mind to it.

-Emily Soria


One of the major differences in the difficulty between college and high school for me is that professors don't really assign homework. Studying has to be done on your own accord, so you have to have enough determination and self-planning to make time to sit down and study. Also, from the lack of homework, the majority of your grade will come from tests because there isn't homework to function as "filler" points. Another big difference is that you have to make your own schedule. This is a way to get to know your own habits such as whether you'll sleep through morning classes or if you'll have enough energy later in the day to stay awake through evening classes. You also need to make time for meals, exercise, etc. My first semester at college, I had to literally schedule my entire days; when I would sleep, eat, study, relax, etc. This made me sit down and study when I needed to and helped me to get better grades, but it also made me feel really stressed out because my entire day was on a schedule and I didn't have any real freedom from it.

-Veronica Farber


College is a time of freedom and responsibility; teachers aren't behind you making you do anything. College isn't high school, in college I've had to work harder than I ever have in high school.

-Deema Hindawi.


In High School, you have your hand held the whole time. Your teachers are reminding you when this is due or that is due. In college you are your own motivator. Your professor isn't going to care if you "forgot" you had an assignment due or remind you of upcoming assignments repeatedly. College also moves at a way faster pace, which requires you to put in more time outside of class to understand the material. 

-August George


I would advise incoming freshman to prepare themselves while their still in high school by taking their studies seriously. So once they get to college it's not to overwhelming, I feel if they practice time management and just being responsible when it's a task at hand once they get to college it would be a easy transition.

-Ereon B. Nash


My advice for incoming freshman is to just be on task and follow directions. Also, do homework because that will really help you when you are in class. In addition, do well in the test and take your time and don't get scared by it. Furthermore, take criticism when you have too because that will help you in a long run. Lastly, just be who you are as a person and have fun.

-Mark Monzon


This class requires hard work, and dedication. The type of hard work and dedication that is good for you. I came into this class thinking it would be easy. What shocked me was getting a teacher that actually care and want you to overcome your fears, and succeed. To help you prepare for this class is to always stay on top of things, and believe in yourself .

-Demetrick C. Watts