After reading the chapters in Part three in the text, the final presentation will be creative application of the ideas discussed to a play of their choice. You will role-play an aspect of theatrical production and present your creative choices to the rest of the class. For the play you choose, you can be:
  1. the Producer or Director
  2. a Dramaturg
  3. the Scenic Designer
  4. the Lighting Designer or
  5. the Makeup and Costume Designer

Within those production areas, you become one of the above-mentioned and present orally for five to seven minutes your concepts for your production. Obviously, a very good knowledge of your selected play must be evidenced. You may choose any contemporary play or choose to do a modern interpretation of a historically important play. The options are many, but students must choose and make their choice know to the instructor by using the appropriate form.

Grading of Creative Panel presentation: You will be graded on the quality of the ideas presented and the manner in which you present them. You need to know the chapters in Part Three that relate to your "role" and demonstrate knowledge of that. You should also show an understanding of how your production area was handled throughout history. A clear knowledge of the play you have chosen is expected. Your production ideas should be original, feasible, and interesting. this panel presentation is worth 100 points.

Delivery: Do not read verbatim off a page; rather, strive for an extemporaneous delivery. Distill your notes into a speaking outline, and practice how you want to present it orally. Keep your presentation interesting through good delivery. Strive for eye contact with your audience and use an enthusiastic style with vocal variety. Your speaking outline, notes, original thoughts are to be handed in on the day you present. Look at the grading form for panel discussions while you are preparing; bring your form with header information supplied on the day you present. You must present on your assigned day. You will know in advance what day you are expected to present. The instructor will try to arrange days chronologically according to the chapters in Part Three.

Group Option: It might be possible to work in a group: Choose one play for the group, decide on your individual production roles, and present together as if having a production meeting.