Listening Self Evaluation

How often do you indulge in the following ten bad listening habits?
Check yourself carefully on each one.


almost always


Giving in to mental distractions.






Giving in to physical distractions.






Trying to recall everything a speaker says.






Rejecting a topic as uninteresting before hearing the speaker.






Faking paying attention






Jumping to conclusions about speaker's meaning






Deciding a speaker is wrong before hearing everything he or she has to say





Judging a person on personal appearance






Not paying attention to a speaker's evidence






Focusing on delivery rather than on what the speaker says.






Score   2 points for every "almost always".

Score   4 points for every "usually".


Score   6 points for every "sometimes".


below 70: Better listening needed!

Score   8 points for every "seldom".

71-90: Good listening skills

Score 10 points for every "almost never".

above 90: You listen very well!