During the next few class periods we will demonstrate many Oral Interpretation techniques through practice and application. Bring children's literature of any genre, style or mode to read aloud. As you begin to read, I will stop you and offer suggestions. Do not do any special preparations--let it happen in class. You will probably get through only a sentence or two before I stop you and throw a procedural curve-ball. Don't be alarmed--these snippets are an interactive lecture technique, not a performance.


We will focus on finding the hook to your excerpt of children's literature. This means finding an exciting and appropriate manner of presentation for each excerpt; a way of interacting with it that brings it to life and communicates its meaning.


Choose a few short pieces of children's literature, prose or poetry--around a minute in length each. Go to the Children's literature section of the HSU library and spend a pleasant 15 minutes browsing, or look through your child's library. There are no genre restrictions for this reading; make selections that strike your fancy! If you are on good terms with a young person, talk to them about their likes and dislikes in the book world--ask for a recommendation. Choose something you like. If it does not engage you, it will not engage the audience. Choose literature that allows you to play: strong vocal and physical characterizations that you can portray. As this is a solo reading, don't choose a snippet with more than two characters in dialogue at one time.


Volunteer students will come to the front of the class in turn with a selection. Throughout your reading, I will stop you and ask you to try certain techniques--both for your experience and for the rest of the class to observe. Everyone will understand that we are witnessing a process, not a finished product. A short discussion will follow your reading as we try to qualitatively evaluate the effects the suggested techniques had on your selection.