First class session after the Intro Speeches

First class session after the Informative Speeches

VALUE: 30 points. Papers accepted up to a week late for a penalty of 10 points.

The objective of this assignment is critical evaluation of speeches given by other students during the round of speeches. Learn from what you discern as effective speech making and try to avoid the problems you experienced. Careful listening and note-taking will assist you. The general requirements are 850 words of standard, academic prose, typed double-spaced, using good grammar and spelling. Using a word processor to word-count and spell-check is advised.

NOTE: Include a word count on the heading of your paper (typed or written-in).

In an 850 word paper, (double-spaced, typewritten, academic prose with word count specified) evaluate the round of speeches in one of two way:

Option 1: Choose two speeches from the just finished round--one that you thought was entirely effective and one you thought was less so. Discuss how they differed and what that meant for the audience. Be specific and illustrate your opinions with supporting examples from the two speeches. Use a balance of examples; discuss instances of where speechmaking was enhanced and where speeches were undermined. Do not choose your own speech as one of the two discussed!

Option 2: Focus in on an important aspect of speech making and examine it thoroughly. Use your first paragraph to declare the thesis of your paper and establish your criteria used to judge effective and ineffective speechmaking from the round of speeches. Use critical concepts from your text or establish your own standards. Make the thesis of your paper explicit. Then, follow through on your focus, referencing examples from throughout the round of speeches. Take note of where your criteria for success was and was not met and why. Balance your supporting examples to show effective and problematic speechmaking.

Illustrate assertions with specific examples. To get full credit for your paper, you must have at least 850 words that support your thesis with specific examples. Your opinions are your own, I won't be grading them. Instead, I will be looking for clarity, organization and, especially, supporting examples. Remember to discuss both the form and content of speeches referenced, how they were put together and how they were delivered. Your opinions will be respected and kept private. Keep your discussion within the range of class material--strive to use terms from the text and lectures.

Papers are accepted attached to email only in exceptional or emergency circumstances. Please note the following technical requirement for papers sent via email:

  • Papers should be sent as attachments.
  • All above requirements apply
  • The attached file must be in "rtf," "docx" or "pdf" formats.
  • Give your file a unique name that includes your name.
  • Include the word count.
  • Send to jmf2 @

Use your knowledge of speech organization to write a better paper. Let your introduction indicate what is to follow. Use an organizational pattern. Make sure main points are distinct and clear; support your main points with specific examples. Use connectives. Keep the conclusion brief and relevant. Some samples of excellent critiques are posted online.